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- Hummus

- Carrots

- Salad

- Pickled red onions

- Cucumber

- Beetroot

- Cheese (Vegan)


Salad bowls: 

Option 1

- Salad

- Quinoa

- Roasted carrots and parsnips

- Roasted pumpkin seeds

- Pickled red onions

- Dijon vinaigrette


Option 2

- Salad

- Couscous

- Marinated Tofu

- Grilled peppers

- Roasted sunflower seeds

- Lemon dressing

Julie's Café

What can one say about me... First of all I’m French. 


I came to Sweden almost 10 years ago and really love Göteborg and its surroundings. 

I worked as a caterer for touring bands while living in London. When I moved to Canada, I worked as a chef in a café. 

Julie’s Café is a long life dream becoming reality. Along with great vegan food we craft artisan vegan cheezes. 


An outdoor person, I love climbing. Got into it about 3 years ago now but unfortunately, I lack time to practice.

As I work as a preschool teacher in addition to catering, I used to bring my class climbing before the corona pandemic. I can't wait to bring them back.


Come to see me at the kitchen on Karl Johansgatan 122 and follow my Facebook page to stay updated and see when we are open!