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Phone: +46 73 512 18 29

Stockholm, Sweden

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Daniela Ebler is one of Sweden's most successful climbing coaches with several years of experience both from coaching and her own climbing and competing.

Daniela started climbing when she was 20 and it was love at first movet!

My climbing life began indoors on plastic. Sometimes I went on shorter trips to climb outdoors, but the Swedish granite felt too hard and scary for me to climb on.

So instead of climbing outdoors while home, I started participating on some fun local competitions. It went very well for me and before I understood what happened I had won my first Swedish Championship in Boulder and was on my way to the World Cups and World Championship!

A shoulder injury stopped me from competition and climbing for a year.

Instead, I explored the yoga world, became a yoga instructor and started my "movement training", something that I get a lot of inspiration from for my everyday training and coachings.

When I started to climb after the shoulder injury, instead of competing again, I started to go on more climbing trips and explore the world.

It was a brand new experience and feeling to me and I realized that this is what I want to do.

Be outdoors as much as possible and also give others the opportunity, the knowledge and the courage to take the step to the outdoor climbing!

I am also very aware of the environmental impact my travels have, which is a reason for why I got a CNG Van that takes me on my adventures in Europe.

In the recent years I have also begun to reduce the number of trips and instead extend the time of the journey.

Job Qualifications

Climbing coach at Klättercentret since 2006.

Climbing coach for elite juniors at Klättercentret and Solna Klätterklubb since 2008.

Educating the instructors and coaches at Klättercentret since 2009.

Coached Kajsa Rosén (who made the first female 8c onsight) and coached several successful juniors in Solna Klätterklubb's competition group for 10 years. 

Coached juniors from Thailand's junior national team.

Head coach at Midsommarkransens Gymnasium,

a school with climbing as a single subject (NIU) 2014-2016

Coaching climbing groups and trips with Bergsidan, start VT2018

Voted as "Inspiration of the Year" 2017 by the Swedish Climbing Association

Main coach for the project "Develop 2013" in collaboration with Klättercentret

where the goal was to, during a year, coach two mentees to see how high they could raise their physical, mental and technical knowledge for a year (from 6a-7a and 6b to 7b)

Education and Degrees

Elite coach at STAC (Swedish Top Athletic Center)

The training program at GIH

Authorised indoor instructor, climbing

Authorised Outdoor sports instructor, climbing

Rescue 1 and 2 rock, climbing

First Aid Instructor

Hatha yoga teacher (200RYT).

Psychology 1, sports psychology 1 and 2, Organization and leadership 1 and 2

Sports medicine and sports massage.

Workshops within "GST - Gymnastic Body strength" and movement training

Further education for elite sports coaches with a focus on youth training, strength training and movement training via the Coaching Forum at SISU and the Swedish National Sports Association.

In addition to her education, she has worked with, attended workshops and learned from several world-renowned climbing coaches who Lukas Iseli (Switzerland's then junior national team coach), Carlos Cabrera, Patxi Usobiaga, Dicki Korb, Patrick Matros and Erik Höörst.

Climbing experiences


1st place Swedish Championship Boulder 2011 and 2014

3rd place Swedish Championship Lead 2010

1st Swedish Championship Speed 2010

Best performances during World Championships 

21st Chongqing World Cup Boulder, 29th World Championship France 2014.

Lead RP: 8a+ (OS 7c)

Boulder Flash: 7c

To see what Daniela is up to at the moment, visit her Instagram Danielaebler and Facebookpage.