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Phone: +46 73 512 18 29

Stockholm, Sweden

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Train with Daniela

With a screening and self-analysis, we find out who you are, where you stand and where you want to come.

I work with injury prevention and building a strong base.

We will work to strengthen your weaknesses in flexibility, mobility, strength, techniques and mental strength in order to reach your goals.

Each coaching session looks different depending on the level and goals you have, but I always use the same foundation:

1. Coaching talk to find out what you want, goalsetting, what you have done and where you are.

2. Screening, Looks different depending on what focus you want (climbing, rehab/prehab, strength training)

3. Coaching and / or training plan

4. Evaluation and new training plan

Booking: Can be done online or via E-mail.


1 person

120min    1 850SEK

90min      1 480 SEK

60min      1 110SEK

30 min     740 kr


2 persons 2h - 1 150SEK/person

3 persons 2h - 900SEK/person

4 persons 2h - 800SEK/person


Duration: Depends on your goals and wishes for the training. Contact Daniela for a recommendation that suits your personal needs.

Below you can read some examples of the coaching I offer at Klättercentret.

Techincal training

For climbers at all levels.

This session is for you who want feedback on your climbing and improve your techniques.

The session begins with a screening of your climbing which will lay the foundation for the rest of the coaching.

We will work on tactics, creativity and different techniques and movement patterns to make you more efficient on the wall.

You will of course get exercises to take with you that you can work on after the course is over


Strength training
Mental training

By making you mentally stronger and aware of your actions and reactions to your climbing, we will push you to new levels in your climbing.

It is very common to give up before you even try a hard move or a difficult sequence. You hear yourself say "take" or let go before you're even tired. The most common reason for why you don't manage to send your projects is not a lack of physical strength, but a lack of mental strength and endurance.

During these sessions we will work on your mental capacity, making you understand that you can handle more than you think, make you push just a little bit more and get you to the top.

We will start the session with a conversation about your self-evaluation so I get an idea of ​​where you stand with your climbing and mental attitude.

We will then, based on your goals, mix the training with focus exercises, meditative exercises and work on the climbing wall.

At the end of the session you will have exercises that you can continue to work on to build a stronger mentality.

By building your body from scratch, we will stabilize, open up and strengthen your body to prevent injuries and make it more functional and strong for climbing.

We start with a screening of your mobility, stability and strength to map your strengths and weaknesses.

After that you will get coaching through an individually adapted training program for 4-6 weeks that starts your work towards a more flexible and strong body!

By periodizing your training you can, over time, prepare yourself for a specific journey, competition, project or build strength in general.

We start with a self-evaluation and a conversation about your goals with the training.

Based on your goals, we do a screening of your climbing / physics to be able to evaluate your development.

After that we go through your new training program and your exercises that will be between 4-12 weeks, depending on the goals, motivation, level and opportunity for training.