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Stockholm, Sweden

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8 march, TJEJHÄNG; Klättercentret Akalla

14 march, PURPLE OPEN, Karbin

Mental Training workshop - NEW!

Core workshop

How we breathe has a great importance for how we use and activate our abdominal muscles.

Therefore, we will begin the workshop by going through different ways of breathing in order to then learn how we activate different parts of the abdominal muscles, and when and why we want to use which.

We do some tests to see how much of the deep core muscles we can use and how strong and conscious the connection between the legs, stomach and arms is.


When we have done the tests, we go through exercises that help us stabilize and strengthen the torso and create an awareness and tension between the leg and arms.


Shoulder workshop

We start with a brief theoretical review of what we need to think about when we train our shoulders, including the different movement plan, antagonists of climbing, the difference between isometric, eccentric and concentric work and their various advantages and disadvantages.

Then we warm up for some easier mobility and strength tests.

When we know how the mobility and strength of the shoulders look, we can move on to mobility, strength exercises and stretches for the upper body.

You will then have some time to try the exercises, work on the techniques and how you can put more focus on your weaknesses.

After the workshop you will know what you need to practice and how to do it.

Hip and mobility workshop

We will review the importance of mobility and strength in the hips and legs, how it benefits you in the climbing and what you need to do to get there.

This workshop is for those who want inspiration and tips for getting more mobile and stronger hips and legs. You will get to know basic techniques for stretching your hips while strengthening them in the extreme positions so you don't have to kick or jump up with the foot on the wall but instead can lift it gracefully and place it controlled on the next step.

How do I sign up?

All workshops are held in collaboration with Solna Klätterklubb and are free for their members.

If you are a member of Solna KK you will receive an email with information as soon as they are offered.